Window Cleaning Services

One of our cornerstone services is our window washing service. We offer both residential and commercial window cleaning, with custom cleaning packages and routine maintenance options available. Agent Clean technicians are also proficient at both traditional methods and pure water techniques, allowing us to tackle jobs large and small.
Traditional window washing

Traditional Window Washing

This is our bread and butter. We offer traditional window washing using squeegees and applicators. The mark of a professional is the classic "S" shape when squeegeeing the glass. A professional window cleaner can clean glass at a breakneck speed. Traditional window washing is tried and true, and useful for any type of window.
Window washing techniques include water fed pole

Water Fed Pole

Water fed pole is a relatively recent method of window cleaning that uses pure water to give a spotless shine to windows. Dirt and minerals are naturally attracted to pure water. Using a water fed pole with a brush, the window is scrubbed while applying the pure water, then rinsed. It is left to air dry. Since spots from water are due to TDS or total dissolved solids, pure water dries spotless. It has a TDS rating of less than 10, where as tap water has from 100-500 depending on location. Pure water is a fast and effective method of cleaning windows, on both residential and commercial buildings.
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