House Cleaning Services

Agent Clean offers a full suite of exterior cleaning services for your home. There are many reasons why people turn to Agent Clean for residential exterior cleaning and pressure washing.

• To clean and brighten the appearance of the home’s exterior
• To remove contaminants such as harmful mold and mildew
• To protect and preserve the integrity of siding, stucco, roofs, gutters and windows
• To properly maintain the health and beauty of your home, residential exterior cleaning is recommended every six months to once a year. After all, for many people, a family home is the single biggest investment they’ll ever make – so why not protect it!
Exterior house cleaning service

House Soft Washing

Agent Clean offers a house cleaning service that uses soft washing, a method that utilizes low pressure water and a cleaning solution to gently wash the exterior of the home, removing dirt, grime, algae, mold, and mildew. Soft washing is ideal for softer surfaces as it eliminates the risk of damage due to high pressure. Additionally, it is more effective and uses less water and time. Soft washing seeks to eliminate mold and mildew and prevent regrowth.
Roof cleaning service

Roof Cleaning

We also offer roof cleaning using the same proven soft washing method. Using low pressure and a proprietary cleaning solution, we can remove the black streaks you see on your shingles. We can also effectively wash cedar shake, metal, and ceramic tiles. The low pressure method prevents loss of silt from the shingles and does not damage your roof, as is the risk with high pressure water.
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