Things to Do in Des Moines

Des Moines is largest city in Iowa. Situated on I-35 and I-80, Iowa’s capital city is a hub of commerce, entertainment, and business. Whether you’re a Des Moines local or just passing through, here are some things to check out while in the area.

Outlets of Des Moines

If shopping is your scene, be sure to check out the new outlet mall in Altoona. Outlets of Des Moines features some of the biggest name brands including Michael Kors, Under Armour, and Lane Bryant.

Grand Opening of the Outlets of Des Moines

Great Escape

Finding activities to do with kids can be a challenge. Luckily, Des Moines offers plenty of fun for the family. Check out Great Escape in Pleasant Hill. This family fun-zone offers a fun twist on bowling, laser tag, and arcade, and includes a full restaurant for a food break between activities.

Family fun at Great Escape

High Trestle Trail

Enjoy the outdoors on this historic “rails to trails” location. This trail spans 25 miles and goes through five towns and four counties. It also includes a pinnacle of outdoor attractions in its unique bridge walkway.

High Trestle Trail Bridge

Climb Iowa - East Village

For those with a desire for exercise and fun, check out Climb Iowa East Village. Located in Des Moines on 4th Street, Climb Iowa is a state-of-the-art climbing gym with 3000 square feet of bouldering, 100 problems and Rogue training equipment.

3000 square feet of bouldering

Things to Do This Weekend in Des Moines

If you’re looking for something interesting and fun this weekend, check out the horse races at Prairie Meadows. Exhilarating and fun for the family. Occasionally there are special events featuring camel, zebra, and ostrich racing.

Horse racing at Prairie Meadows

These activities are just a few of the local attractions that our employees at Agent Clean of Des Moines recommend. Find your adventure in Des Moines and explore all that this Midwest city has to offer.

Is Soft Washing Safe?

If you’re looking to have your roof or siding cleaned up you’ve likely heard or seen the term “soft washing” a few times. Wondering what the fuss is about? Is it safe for your home? It can be off putting to learn that soft washing uses chemical solutions to do the cleaning instead of high pressure, but don’t worry, it’s not as bad or as dangerous as it sounds. In fact, you’re far less likely to have any damage from soft washing than you are with high pressure washing, and soft washing will get rid of mildew and those black streaks on the roof faster than traditional power washing.

Soft Washing FAQ

Q: How is soft washing different from power washing

A: Soft washing uses low pressure and a cleaning solution to gently wash siding. Power washing uses high pressure water to blast dirt, mold, and mildew from the surface and can cause physical damage to vinyl, brick, stucco, and other siding materials.

Q: What is in a soft washing solution?

A: Common soft washing solution contains mostly water and mild chlorination. The sodium hypochlorite found in the mix is what removes mold, mildew, algae, and other organic growths from the siding. Cleaning solutions often contain soap additives as well, such as surfactants and foaming agents to help the solution “cling” to the surface and work more efficiently.

Q: Will the chemicals in soft washing damage my yard or plants?

A: Soft washing contains only a small amount of sodium hypochlorite (SH), which is the compound that could cause harm to plants. Higher levels are found in roof washing mixtures, but care is taken to ensure the risk of damage is mitigated. SH damages plants by sucking nutrients from the plant and soil. The best way to prevent this is through water saturation. Plants can only absorb so much water at a time. By pre-rinsing and wetting the plants during the cleaning process, any SH that lands on the plant or on the ground is diluted to levels that are safe. Products such as Agent Halt are also used to neutralize any SH that could be harmful after the washing process.

Q: What are the benefits of soft washing over power washing?

A: While both methods can yield similar results, soft washing is overall a more efficient method of cleaning siding and roofs. When power washing a surface, full coverage is required to clean, which is time consuming due to the relatively narrow stream used when power washing. With soft washing, since the cleaning solution does the work, it allows for a wider coverage using either a misting or a wide fan spray. This means that soft washing is faster and uses less water to clean. Soft washing also eliminates mold, mildew, and algae where as power washing simply blasts the spores into the air.

Soft washing is widely considered the superior method of performing house washing services. Ask your cleaning company about the process to see if it is right for your home.