Are your Windows Ready for Fall?

With summer winding down and fall and winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting your home ready for cooler temperatures. While heat loss can occur from bad insulation, through an attic or roof, and other areas, windows are a leading source of heat loss in the winter. It’s a good idea to have them checked out and maintained before going into the cold seasons. Here are a few tips for getting your windows ready for fall.

1) Checking the Window Seals

One of the first steps to ensuring your windows are ready for cooler temps is to check for drafts and air leaks around your windows. Silicon seals can break down over time, so if you feel a draft near a window it may be time to have them sealed and caulked. You can DIY or higher a company to do it for you.

2) Window Cleaning Service

When you’re checking all of your windows anyway, it’s a great time to clean them up before fall. You may not have time or proper weather to do it later, so grab a roll of paper towels or micro fiber rag and some window solution and clean them up. If you don’t have time or have some hard to reach windows, consider hiring a company like Agent Clean to do a window cleaning service on your home or business.

3) Insulating Windows

One of the best ways to reduce heat escaping from windows is to insulate them. Installing multi-pane windows with insulation is the best, but if you do not have high efficiency windows you can follow a few steps to insulate your old windows. 

One common method is to use a plastic film insulation. This insulation creates an air buffer between your interior and your window. Air actually makes a fantastic insulation buffer. These inexpensive window covers are easy to install and work very efficiently. Additionally, you can buy insulating blinds or curtains that provide a level of insulation by being heavy enough to prevent air escaping through the window. 

4) Damaged Windows

During the course of insulating and cleaning your windows, you might discover some moderate to severe damage, either in the silicon lining, the window sill or frame, or the glass itself. If you do discover damaged windows, it might be a good idea to higher a company to replace the entire window and frame if necessary. 

Drafty windows are a major culprit to energy efficiency in the winter. But a little elbow grease and some proper insulation will help you save energy and money over the fall and winter seasons. 

Spring Into Clean

The winter months can feel stale, with so much time being spent indoors and out of the weather. It’s no surprise that our homes can start to feel like they're in a state of disarray. Clutter tends to accumulate around the house, and dirt and debris left over from autumn, then covered by snow becomes more obvious as the snow melts away. One of the best ways to shake off the dust is to do some spring cleaning.

Five Tips to Clean Up for Spring

1) Move and Organize. 

The first thing you should do is any organizing or moving of furniture that you might want to do. Since organizing things can kick up dust, it’s best to start out with this. Vacuum or dust items before putting them away to prevent build up over time. Try rearranging the furniture to change up the feng shui and to give it a fresh look, or replace some of the old furniture and accessories to brighten up the room.

2) Grab a Duster

Next, try focusing on dusting off your furniture, TVs, and bookshelves. Don’t forget those hard-to-reach places that tend to accumulate dust bunnies. Dusting sends particles into the air that settle onto the floor, so we recommend dusting before vacuuming.

3) Vacuum

A good detailed vacuuming can make a huge difference. Vacuum your carpets and floors, and use the extension to  get corners of rooms, baseboards, and underneath couches and tables. Also remember to hit the tops of things like microwaves and refrigerators. 

4) Clean out the closets

Spring is also a great time to clean out your closets, especially ones that may have been neglected over the fall and winter such as outdoor storage or sheds. Organize your garden tools and get ready for planting your spring flowers!

5) Clean up the exterior

While you’re cleaning and organizing the rest of your home, it’s a great opportunity to clean up the exterior as well. Concrete cleaning and power washing, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning are popular cleaning services we offer at Agent Clean. You can also opt to have your siding and roof cleaned if you have mildew and mold growing on your house. 

Did You Know? 

We use our own line of high quality cleaning detergents and soaps. To learn more about our sister company, check out

Gutter Cleaning at Its Best

Keeping your gutters clean does more than increase your home's curb appeal - it helps prevent flooding inside and outside your home. Leaves and debris can build up overtime, causing rainwater to overflow into your yard, creating puddles that can seep into your home. Agent Clean offers routine gutter cleaning, with options such as twice a year or more, to ensure your gutters are functioning properly.

Three Step Process | Gutter Cleaning

1) Clean Out the Debris

The first step is to clean out the leaves, twigs and other debris that has built up in the gutters over time. We can also check the condition of your gutter covers, if applicable. Gutter cover cleaning and removal may be an additional cost; we will inspect them during our initial call to see what needs to be done.

After debris is removed, we collect it in trash bags and haul it away to keep your yard area clean.

2) Downspout Test

After the debris is removed, clogged gutters are not the only potential problem. Sometimes it is the downspouts that become obstructed, so that even if the top gutters are clear, water can pool and flood as it cannot traverse the downspout. We ensure that the downspouts are clean and working before leaving the gutter cleaning job site.

3) Water Jetting

While many times a gutter can be cleaned out by hand, sometimes debris or mud has built up to the point of needing some extra power. Using a jetter tip, which attaches to a power washing wand or hose, a jetter shoots water in multiple directions at high velocity, clearing practically any clog. 

4) Gutter Treatment Upon Request

Do you notice discoloration or oxidation on the exterior of your gutters? We offer gutter restoration to make your gutters look new. Aluminum or metal gutters often oxidize over time, revealing a powdery or discoloration on the exteriors. We can treat the gutters to clean them up and bring back the original appearance.

Did You Know? 

We use our own line of high quality cleaning detergents and soaps. To learn more about our sister company, check out