How to Get Ready for Fall

Making a Fall Checklist

The cooler temperatures are already making their way into the Midwest. Soon the leaves will start changing colors, and as with any season change it’s a good time to do some home maintenance and organization. Here’s our quick list of Fall prep ideas.

5 Things to do to Get Ready for Fall

1) Gutter Cleaning Service

This one is a no-brainer when it comes to prepping for the fall and winter. Clogged gutters can prevent proper draining, allowing standing water to seep into your home and cause wall and ceiling damage. Improper gutter drainage can also lead to overflowing gutters that pour water onto your landscaping as opposed to out the downspouts. 

Companies like Agent Clean can clean out the gutters to remove leaves, debris and silt, and perform a water test on the downspouts to ensure that they are draining properly. We recommend a gutter cleaning service at the beginning of fall and at the beginning of winter.

2) Clean out Chimney

If you’re a homeowner and have a fireplace, the beginning of fall is the best time to check that your chimney is ready for use. Small critters and birds can make nests in chimneys which become a fire hazard. Leaves can also get stuck in the chimney. You can sometimes clean out the top part yourself, but it’s a good idea to have someone inspect it prior to lighting a fire in the fireplace.

3) Furnace check up

With colder temperatures inbound, the change of the season is a good time to check your furnace filter and have your furnace checked over by a professional. They can make sure that the wiring is working, and that the overall condition of your heater is up to par.

4) Pressure Washing Service for Concrete

Fall is the perfect time to have your concrete patio and driveway cleaned and sealed. Did you know that cracks in the concrete are generally caused by water seeping into the pores, then freezing? It is the expansion of the water that causes concrete to crack. By cleaning and sealing the concrete, the pores are filled and water is unable to seep into the surface. 

5) Plan a Fall Party

Fall is a beautiful season, and for most areas the weather is gorgeous. Why not plan a fall get together? Break out the chili pot, have a bonfire, and enjoy the company of friends and family. Fall party activities are fun for the whole family. Pumpkin carving, leaf piles, s'mores, and yard games are great options for entertainment.