How to Throw a Fourth of July Party

Backyard barbecues and fireworks are a staple at any good Fourth of July party, but what are some other ways to make your Independence Day celebration epic? Here are a few tips to throw the best Fourth of July party in 2021.

Five Tips to Throw the Best Fourth of July Party in 2021

1. Party Decorations

A party without decorations is still fun, but your summer event can really stand out with a few decorations, especially one that already has a theme! The Red White and Blue may seem cliché but it makes decorating an easy task. Grab some themed napkins and plates from your local grocery or partytime store to add some color to the table. Red, white and blue ribbon streamers are inexpensive and easy to hang. Finally, break out a U.S. Flag if you don't already fly one and let it wave proudly o'er the deck!

2. Food for a Party

The heart of a party are the people who attend, but let's be honest, food is a close second! People love to eat, especially at parties, and especially on the Fourth of July. There's something about a cold beer, burgers and brats or BBQ, chips and soda to make a Fourth of July party a time to remember. Great party food keeps the conversation flowing and the happiness of the guests high.

When planning the food, decide how to proceed based on the number of guests you expect. Is it a friends and family gathering with a set time in mind? Or is it a neighborhood gathering with people stopping by at various times? Whatever the situation, there are a few options.

Catering. This is often the best choice for a larger group and if you have the funds to afford it, or if people are pitching in to help. This is also a great option for a family and friends gathering if you don't want to have the mess of cooking. Either way, find a place that can cater your party and will setup on time. Many BBQ restaurants offer catering, and it's an easy way to feed a bunch of hungry party-goers.

Pot luck. This is a great option when you have a larger number of people coming. Have people bring a main or side dish, or a dessert. You can even coordinate a list so that you don't have only side dishes or main dishes. Pot lucks at Fourth of July parties are a great way to ensure everyone gets fed while minimizing personal cost. It's also fun to try a bunch of different foods and dishes!

DIY. If your Fourth of July party will be a smaller gathering with friends and family, or if you enjoy tackling large projects, you can provide the food yourself. Heat up the grill, grab some brats, burgers, and hot dogs, or throw some meat in a smoker. Whatever you decide to do, make a little more than you think you'll need so that your guests can eat their fill throughout the night. It's also a good idea to work out a system if you're grilling for a bunch of people to make sure food gets out in a timely fashion.

3. Soft Wash and Clean Your House

Most Fourth of July parties are outside in the backyard or on the deck or porch. Having a clean, attractive space for your party helps keep the focus on the food, fun, and fireworks. Power wash or soft wash your deck or siding, and consider having your windows and gutters cleaned. Guests will appreciate the tidiness, and you'll get to show off your home. Agent Clean offers a full suite of cleaning services like siding, roof, and deck soft washing, as well as window cleaning, concrete cleaning, and gutter cleaning.

It's also a good idea to clean up and organize the interior of your home, or anywhere guests might be. This usually means the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms. Cleaning up these spaces will keep your guests happy and comfortable while you host an epic Fourth of July party.

4. Beverages

What's a Fourth of July party without some booze? Drinking is a favorite past time of many Americans, and drinking responsibly is a great way to celebrate Independence Day. Plus, if you're keeping to the red, white and blue theme, there are some fun drinks you can serve at your party.

Red, White and Blue Sangria

For recipe, Click here --> Red, White, and Blue Sangria Recipe

Your other mainstays for a Fourth of July party are pretty straightforward - beer, soda, and maybe some punch will round out the beverages and have something for everyone. Lemonade is another good choice if you want something with a bit less sugar than soda, and it's a summertime favorite!

5. Fireworks

The obvious entertainment for a Fourth of July party is fireworks. These fun and colorful explosives are sure to light up the sky and brighten everyone's mood, but be sure to follow safety protocol when setting them off. Nothing kills a party vibe like injuries. As a precaution, follow all instructions on the firework packaging, and have a hose and water source or a fire extinguisher nearby. It's also a good idea to have a first aid kit in case of minor burns. Remember, if there is a major injury, call an ambulance. Also check to ensure that fireworks are legal in your municipality, or that you are far enough outside of city limits.

Throwing a party can be a fun time for everyone. The most important thing is to be safe with fireworks and enjoy the time spent with friends and family.

Five Tips to Increase Curb Appeal

With spring in full swing, houses going on market, and apartment complexes looking for renters, curb appeal is more important than ever. Having a clean, well-kept exterior helps potential tenants make a value-judgement on the space. Here are five tips to increase curb appeal.

1) Landscaping

One of the best ways to increase curb appeal is through proper landscaping. A well-maintained lawn and garden is eye catching to those fond of outdoor activities. On the flip side, a poorly maintained garden or lawn is extremely noticeable, and tends to make a building feel more dilapidated.

Quick Fix: Cut the grass and pull pesky weeds from the gardens for a quick fix if you don't have time or resources for a landscaping company.

2) Patios and Driveway

Another way to increase curb appeal is to clean up patios and driveways. If there is outdoor patio furniture, make sure it's relatively clean. Replace or remove any broken furniture. Check for rust spots under metal furniture legs. Most power washing or exterior cleaning companies can restore concrete and perform rust removal services. Also check the concrete for mold and grease; grease is unsightly, and mold can be a slipping hazard as it collects moisture and becomes slick when wet.

Pro Tip: Have the concrete cleaned and sealed. Sealing concrete helps prevent mold growth as well as chips and cracks caused by expanding water and ice during the winter.

3) Deck Restoration

A beautiful deck adds value to any house. Backyard gatherings are popular in spring, summer, and autumn, and having a stunning deck is sure to catch the eye of any potential buyers or tenants. If you're handy, you can do the deck restoration yourself, or hire an exterior cleaning company or painting company to do the work. They will look for loose or rotting boards, and can strip, stain, and seal the deck.

Pro Tip: Sometimes a deck just needs a good wash. Be sure to find a company that can do a soft wash to avoid damaging the wood.

4) Window Cleaning

Clean glass is essential for transforming a gloomy home into a bright and happy place. Dirty glass stands out like a sore thumb, especially on sunny days. Doing a quick spray and wipe on the interior side of the window is an easy DIY, while the exterior may need professional help. Modern window cleaners can use pure water technology and water fed poles to reach up to four stories from the ground, and leave windows sparkling.

Quick Fix: If the house is only one or two stories, you can clean windows yourself. Just be sure to use caution when cleaning windows above the first story and have someone spot you on your ladder.

5) Siding and Roof Wash

One of the best ways to increase curb appeal is having the siding and roof soft washed. Many houses and residential buildings have mold, algae and mildew on the roof and siding. This often looks like greenish brown slime on siding, and black streaks on the roof.

Soft washing uses low pressure and a cleaning solution to gently wash the surface, removing and eliminating mold, mildew, algae, and other organic growths. This helps prolong the life and look of the surface, especially the roof, as algae gathers moisture and heat and leads to a faster deterioration of the shingles. Agent Clean offers house cleaning services at all locations.

Pro Tip: Make sure the company you hire uses soft washing and not traditional power washing, as high pressure water can leave streaks and damage the surface.