Christmas Tree Disposal

What to do with your tree after Christmas

With the holidays coming to an end, you might be wondering what to do with your Christmas tree. If you have a synthetic tree it’s a simple matter of removing decorations and putting it back in it’s box or storage, but a live tree needs to be recycled or disposed of properly. Here are a few tips for disposing or recycling your Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Disposal

It’s a good idea to dispose of your tree before it becomes too dehydrated. Dehydrated trees are a fire hazard the longer they are kept. Many families dispose of their tree just after the first of the year.

To prepare for disposal, remove your ornaments and lights. Have a container or bucket handy for any excess water that may be in the bottom of the tree stand.

You can wrap the tree in plastic or put a tree cover on it to prevent needles from scattering about your home when you carry the tree out. When cleaning up the needles, avoid vacuuming as they can clog or damage it. Instead, use a broom and dustpan.

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

It is becoming more commonplace for neighborhoods to offer a curbside pickup option for your Christmas tree. Contact your local county waste management to see if this service is available in your area. If curbside pickup is an option, consider cutting the tree into three or four sections to help with the disposal process.

There are other options if you have a garden or landscaping. You can have the tree mulched for use around your plants. If you’re in a rural area and have a patch of trees, your Christmas tree can be left as shelter for rabbits and birds. Trees can also be submerged in lakes or ponds to create a refuge and feeding area for fish.

Cleaning up after the holidays is primarily focused on decoration and tree clean up, but the turn of the year is also the time to start thinking about spring cleaning. Agent Clean offers residential house cleaning services such as siding cleaning, roof cleaning, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning. When you dispose or recycle your tree, consider getting on the calendar for spring exterior cleaning.