How We Fight Coronavirus

COVID19, commonly known as coronavirus, has spread quickly across the United States. Agent Clean and many other cleaning contractors have been working to help fight the spread of the disease by offering sanitation services for outdoor seating, restaurants, playgrounds, shopping carts and more.

Softwashing Sanitizes COVID19

The CDC states that household disinfectants such as bleach are effective at treating and sanitizing coronavirus. We use a stronger concentration for soft washing. We can clean patios, playgrounds, siding and roofs using a soft washing method that not only helps remove dirt, cobwebs, mold and mildew, but also sanitizes the surface.

Food-safe Sanitizer

We're also able to offer sanitizing services to commercial clients. We have several locations sanitizing carts at local grocery stores with a food-safe, no-rinse sanitizer. While carts can be contaminated when someone touches them, this helps eliminate the build up of germs and bacteria on the carts.

We can also use this sanitizer on non-porous seating and playground equipment to help eliminate germs and bacteria.

What You Can Do

You can also be proactive at home to clean and disinfect surfaces. First, note the difference between cleaning and sanitizing. Cleaning is removing contaminants such as dirt, grease, grime, etc. The second stage is sanitizing microbes.

From the CDC website:

You can read more about procedures and tips from the CDC regarding COVID19 here.

If you are interested in commercial or outdoor cleaning and sanitation services, find an Agent Clean location near you and give us a call for a free estimate.