Five Tips to Throw a Halloween Party

With half of October already gone, the fall festivities are in full swing. Well... as much as COVID-19 will allow. Over the past few months we've all been learning to cope with the restrictions and requirements laid out for social distancing. Here are five tips to throw a fun, safe Halloween party during COVID.

  1. Safety first! If you're inviting people over for a party, make sure the space is properly cleaned and sanitized. Wipe down surfaces with a multipurpose cleaner to remove grime, grease, dirt, and soiling. Then use a disinfectant or sanitizer to kill any viruses, bacteria, or microbes on the surface. Agent Clean also offers sanitation services using an EPA registered, food-safe sanitizer that is confirmed by the CDC as effective against COVID-19. Techs will use a spray or mist device to ensure complete coverage on an area.
  2. Invite close circle friends only. Another good way to help ensure a safer party is to invite only people that you have regular contact with already. This can be family members, close friends, or coworkers. By only inviting people you already come in contact with, you limit the likelihood of contracting COVID at the party.
  3. Choose a Theme! One of the best ways to have a great Halloween Party is to choose a fun costume theme, or decoration theme. Maybe it's a spooky corn maze or farm, or a Game of Thrones theme. Maybe the costumes all must be movie characters from classic horror films. Whatever you decide, it's sure to be a fun time for kids and adults alike!
  4. Try a virtual party! You can invite close friends or family, but hook up your laptop or phone and make sure your friends in other places are doing the same! Parade your costumes, play party games, and have a good time, all through Zoom or some other video conferencing software.
  5. Do an outdoor party. Sure it may be chilly on October 31st, but having an outdoor party will allow you to invite more people, and the generally larger space will allow easier social distancing. Doing an outdoor party also means your decorations can be epic, legendary, and scary.

Don't let a pandemic ruin the fun of Halloween. Just follow a few extra precautions like sanitizing, outdoor, and close friends or contacts only, and have a great time.

If you need some help with cleaning a space after the party, Agent Clean can help. We offer soft washing, power washing, and sanitation services. Find a location near you and call for a free custom cleaning estimate.