Deck Restoration

Have a deck can bring about amazing experiences at your home. It's the perfect hangout spot for spring parties, summer evenings, fall gatherings, and winter views. A deck provides a convenience that ground level patios don't always achieve.

Having a deck also means maintaining it. Wood decks are susceptible to deterioration and decay, which not only makes them unsightly, it can create a hazard for family or guests.

Mold and Algae

One of the most common ailments of wooden decks is mold and algae growth. Most new decks have a coating and seal to help prevent this, but as the outer finish wears off and the wood becomes exposed to the elements, mold and algae begin to form. If left unchecked, these parasitic spores can grow deep into the wood, making them hard to eradicate and creating a slipping hazard. Since mold and algae retain moisture, it can be particularly dangers on steps.

Older decks are especially susceptible to growths, and if left unchecked it can quickly become a daunting task to remove ingrown mold.

The Fix

The best way to treat mold and algae on wooden decks is to apply light to medium pressure and treat with a soft washing solution. The chlorinated solution will target the mold and algae, killing it and releasing it's hold on the wood. Because wood is fibrous and porous in nature, extra pressure is sometimes applied to help penetrate the surface. Too much pressure can cause fuzzing, which is detrimental to the wood.

After cleaning and treating the mold and algae, often times a brightener is applied to neutralize any old stain, and help the wood open up and be ready to receive a new finish. It also brightens the grain of the wood, bringing it to a more natural state. Then a stain/seal can be applied. A natural oil based stain is semi transparent, and is best if you want to see the grain of the wood. If you prefer color, a solid stain is more like a paint and can be applied easily. This is a good option if the wood is in bad condition, or if the old stain couldn't be completely removed.

Wood Deterioration

As decks age, the other common issue is wood deterioration. This can come in the form of rotting wood, loose boards, warped boards, or protruding hardware like screws and nails. Over time, the changing temperature and changes in moisture can cause wood to warp and deform. This leads to a myriad of problems, both cosmetic and hazardous.

The Fix

If you're having your deck cleaned, sealed and stained, it's the perfect opportunity to have warped and damaged boards replaced, and hardware secured. This ensures that the deck is in top-shape to be stained and sealed. It will also eliminate any tripping hazards due to loose and uneven boards.

A deck is a great addition to your home. Keeping it maintained ensures that it will be a source of entertainment and relaxing evenings. Deck restoration is a good DIY project, but it takes time and special care to do right. Agent Clean offers deck and building restoration services. Find a location near you and ask for a free deck restoration consultation and estimate.