Get all of your exterior cleaning questions answered.

At Agent Clean we perform some very specialized exterior cleaning services – services that we want our customers to understand and be 100% comfortable with. For this reason, we provide a certain amount of education on our products and processes. If you happen to have a question that is not covered below, please don’t hesitate to ask us!

What effect do mold and mildew have on my home or building?

Mold and mildew are among the most destructive factors our properties face. First, mold and mildew pose a health hazard as they work their way into our homes and offices causing increased allergy and asthma problems. Second, they are a major factor in the breakdown of most surfaces – causing vinyl to become brittle, paint to fail, deck stains to deteriorate faster, shingles to dissolve, metal to oxidize faster and, not to mention, the loss of value in curb appeal. Cleaning mold and mildew is a very effective and cost-efficient way of maximizing the life of your surfaces, keeping your home or building looking its best, and protecting the health of your family and employees.

Why is softwashing better for cleaning my house than traditional pressure washing?

Like with so many other areas of our lives the cleaning industry has gone through its own evolution. Years ago pressure washing became a popular method of cleaning dirt, mold, etc. from different building surfaces. This method relied on pure pressure to clean and lift the dirt and mold from the siding. Then heat was introduced to the water, which helped to kill the mold and increase efficiency. However, this method still required pressure to do the cleaning. Pressure tended to cause a lot of damage to the different surfaces, especially surfaces such as stucco, wood, paint and Dryvit. It even took its toll on vinyl siding, causing potential cracking or brittleness. Over time different chemicals were added to the water to see if they would increase the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Then softwashing came into play. Pressure was no longer needed to clean the surfaces. The proper blend of cleaning agents were added to the water, applied to the surfaces, allowed to work, and then rinsed off. The cleaning aids are also more effective at killing the mold and mildew.

So what can I expect when Agent Clean comes to my house to softwash?

The technician will walk around the building and look at the various surfaces that need to be cleaned, and then develop a cleaning solution that is most appropriate for the job. The technician will then apply the cleaning agent to the building, allow the proper amount of dwell time, and then rinse the building. Occasionally there are stains that may require different chemicals and even hand scrubbing.

What about my plants?

Plants are wetted down prior to cleaning and then rinsed again after cleaning. This helps ensure that the plants do not get damaged.

What is the black streaking that I see on roofs and can this be cleaned?

The black streaking is caused by a fungus called Gloeocapsa Magma that feeds on the crushed limestone that the shingles are made out of. And yes your roof can be cleaned using SoftWashing methods, allowing the shingles to be cleaned without harming the integrity of the shingles.

What are the little black dots that I see on my siding?

Artillery Shotgun Fungus. The name may sound like a joke but these pesky little dots can be a pain to remove. They do not respond to the natural cleaning solutions, and using pressure is not an option due to the amount of potential damage it could cause. There are chemicals that can remove the dots but this is often quite expensive and time consuming. The spores shoot up from the ground and then attach to your siding. Typically damp areas breed artillery shot gun fungus, therefore, simply keeping these areas dry can eliminate the spores. Wet mulch is a big culprit.
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