3. Are We a Good Fit?

Would you be a good fit for the Agent Clean franchise?

Simply put, this is a question that we would have to explore together. In exchange for our proven systems and support, you’d be lending your talents, dedication and drive to creating a successful business that would help the Agent Clean franchise move forward as a whole.

It’s a mutual decision with many different points to consider. That stated, here are a few qualities and characteristics we believe would make you a good fit within the Agent Clean franchise system.

  • Previous or current service business ownership: an independent window washer looking to reach that next level in their career would make a great candidate
  • Advanced exterior cleaning skills: if you’ve been working for someone else and believe you have what it takes to steer your own ship, we should definitely talk Sharp business or marketing acumen: Agent Clean is a sound business model but it takes business know-how to makes things tick and these qualities would give you a leg up
  • The ability to follow systems and take comfort in structure while also maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to think for yourself
  • Blood, sweat and tears: no business is a success over night – we’re looking for someone who’s willing to put in the time and dedication to make their business flourish the way we know it can


Are you the right fit?