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Agent Clean Goes Full Regalia

Agent Clean Vehicles in Full Regalia

Agent Clean Vehicles in Full Regalia

Image is a big deal. Let’s make that statement, and the assumption that it’s true. Sure, new age reasoning emphasizes that character is defined by what’s inside, but isn’t our image a reflection of our core?

Agent Clean is an emerging franchise – no small feat by today’s standards. The image of the company is vital to its success. Here at Agent Clean, we refer to this overarching idea of “image” as “Full Regalia.” But what does that mean?

One of the actual definitions of “regalia” refers to clothing or other adornments worn for official ceremonies. “Regalia” was most often used in context with “royal” and referred to their garb of choice for special occasions. Ceremonies in medieval and renaissance times referred to coronations, banquets, treaties, and other official circumstances. Best behavior and attire would have been required by all in attendance. Going “full regalia” was an actual task for nobles and royalty of the day.

What does that mean in the 21st century?

For some, it might be wearing a suit to a business meeting or an interview. Perhaps it’s putting on a friendly face while working a tiresome job.
For Agent Clean, it is a promise. Our trucks, uniforms, work ethic, and attitude is our regalia. Each job, meeting, convention, and day are our ceremonies. When Agent Clean Goes Full Regalia, it is a promise to approach our work like a royal ceremony, and to give our best and represent our business kingdom in the greatest way possible, to serve you – our customers – the highest level of quality that we can.

Business are built on a foundation of quality and customer service. We promise to always go Full Regalia to meet your exterior cleaning needs.







  • 23 Mar, 2015
  • Nathan

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