SoftWash Technologies

Agent Clean utilizes the revolutionary softwashing method.

The team at Agent Clean has been in the exterior cleaning industry for more than 20 years, and a flagship service is our soft wash cleaning technique. We use proven methods and techniques for safely and efficiently cleaning siding, decks, and roofs.

The SoftWash process is completely different from traditional pressure washing. In actuality, using a pressure washer (acting as a an eroder) to clean away a decomposer (mold and roof algae), will actually accelerate the aging and decomposition of roof shingles and other surfaces. Traditional pressure washers use high pressure to clean, which often times can damage siding or erode shingle grit, therefore reducing the effectiveness of the roof.

By contrast, the soft washing method utilizes a highly effective low-pressure solution. The process cleans the surface, achieves a 100% kill of the fungal pests and leaves behind a spore block inhibitor to protect against further infestations. Soft washing is ideal for all of your residential and commercial exteriors including roofs, decks, siding and stucco.

SoftWash is environmentally fiendly

SoftWash is committed to the environment.

SoftWash Systems equipment and solutions are the greenest in the industry. All chemicals are completely biodegradable and break down into carbon and or water within 10 days of introduction into the environment. The systems run on 12-volt energy and use no fossil fuels. Choosing a SoftWash Systems roof cleaning professional is a reaffirmation of your own commitment to the environment.